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Brewery Training Australia partners with the best in the business to deliver the most relevant, current and industry specific brewery training.

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Brewery Training Australia are always keen to partner with outstanding Breweries across Australia to train the next wave of industry talent. Interested?? CONTACT US for an information pack.

These award winning breweries are able to, through their people and infrastructure, add enormous educational value to every course.

Bacchus Brewing Co.

Bacchus Brewing Co. is one of the most unique and creative breweries in Australia.

Bacchus Brewing Co. specialise in revitalising favourite styles, developing house brews, reviving ancient brews and creating “one off beers” for in-house enjoyment as well as craft beer festivals around the country.

They work closely with up and coming “gypsy brewers” and have assisted many well-known craft brewers. Bacchus Brewing Co. is a unique small batch brewery, creating over 170 brand new beers a year. They love brewing & perfecting classic styles, but are probably best known for creating some of the most interesting & flavoursome beers in the country.

In 2014 they were awarded Runner Up “Champion Small Australian Brewery” at the Australian International Beer Awards. In 2016 they became the only brewery to twice win the prestigious “People’s Choice Award” at the annual Great Australian Beer Spectacular (GABS), a competition attracting over a 100 breweries from around the world vying to brew the best “specialty Beer” for the Festival.

Slipstream Brewing Company

Let the flavour overtake you.

After travelling back and forth to the United States for more than 10 years, Deale and Elisa Stanley-Hunt fell in love with the American craft-beer scene. So much so the husband and wife started to dream up a brewery concept of their own.

In 2017 the Stanley-Hunts finally made the dream a reality when they opened Slipstream Brewing Company.

Slipstream supplies 375-millitre cans and draught options to independent bottle shops and bars throughout the area. Its core range includes a rye pale ale, a pilsner (the Yerongpils, anyone?), an XPA and an IPA.

But it’s on the weekends that the industrial space on Wilkie Street comes alive with a “cellar door” operation running 10 taps in a large, open space. A rotating food truck makes it easier for locals to while away an afternoon or evening with a bunch of mates.

3Eagles Brewing

3Eagles Brewing is the innovative creation of the Redcliffe State High School.

Having identified the future employment opportunities that the Craft and Micro-Brewery industry could offer to their students, in partnership with Brewery Training Australia, we went about developing a Certificate III in Food Processing (Micro Brewing) program for delivery to Grade 11 and Grade 12 students.

This ground breaking initiative piloted by some very talented brew teachers now sees a fully commissioned 65 litre, 3 vessel and electric Nano brewing system installed in-house allowing for relevant and industry specific brewery training to be undertaken.

Helios Brewing Company

Helios is the sun of god in Greek mythology.

Each morning the rising sun marks Helios’s crossing over into the mortal world, driving a chariot drawn by wild horses that only he can control.

Helios Brewing Company harnesses the sun’s power to sustainably create craft beer. Their brewing infrastructure has been custom designed to maximise energy and water efficiency, maximise waste and carbon footprint while capitalising upon Queensland’s natural resources.

Palling Bros Brewery

Palling Brothers Brewery is a trusted and well known craft brewer in Heathcote, Victoria, known for their Ales, Porters, Aerated Waters and Ciders.

Brewery Training Australia’s first regional Brew School our partnership supports the Bendigo district providing and delivering exceptional brewery and hospitality related programs to the community. Additional “beer, brewery and food” weekend masterclass workshops are scheduled throughout the year for those to wish to combine a weekend getaway with a favourite hobby.